New Releases

More will come out on a regular basis

Color Challenge Game

Tag all color variations in a given time.

Letter Swap Game

Swap letters to remove same-letter groups

Wall Smash Game

Bounce a ball to destroy falling wall

Maze Blocker Game

Move block to exit and avoid blockers

Triangle Match Game

Find same-triangle pair from the grid

Math Flashcard Game

Solve math problems in a given time

Brick Break Game

Bounce a ball to destroy all bricks

Word Scramble Game

Unscramble letters to form words

Fruit Collect Game

Collect as many fruits as you can

Number Snake Game

Consume numbers in sequential order

Snake vs Block Game

Collect food while avoiding collisions

Snake Game

Guide the snake to touch red box

Maze Game

Move red block to touch the green block

Apple Snake Game

Guide the snake to eat the apple

Table Tennis Game

Slide the paddle to catch the coming ball

Word Search Game

Find hidden words in a letter grid

Balloon Pop Game

Pop the balloons as they float upwards

Drag Maze Game

Drag the red dot along white path to exit

Memory Card Game

Match the cards with identical images

Balloon Defense Game

Slide the pin to pop the flying balloons

Motion Card Match Game

Match two falling cards of identical letters

Barcode Maze Game

Move red block bypass obstacles to exit

Level Maze Game

Move red block to the exit level by level

Puppy Snake Game

Move puppy head to catch the ball

Space Fighter Game

Move the fighter to shoot enemy aircrafts

Star Match Puzzle Game

Crush consecutive stars of identical color

Mine Finder Game

Clear the board without triggering a mine

2048 Game

Combine matching nums to reach 2048