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1. Introduction

This chrome extension allows you to play classic space fighter game anytime and anywhere.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores.



3. Key Features

  • Three types of enemy aircraft are available for now. More will be added in the future version.
  • The enemy aircraft will be gradually accelerated as you reach higher scores.
  • You can close the popup to exit current game anytime. The extension can remember where you left off and start from it when you open the popup again.

4. How to Play

  • Click the game icon on the Chrome toolbar. The game window will be opened while the game will be started immediately.
  • Use your mouse to control the location of space fighter which moves as your mouse.
  • No worry about the control of shooting. Your fighter will continuously shoot enemy aircraft in front of it, with a given bullet speed.
  • Click on your fighter if you want to pause / continue with current game.

5. Screenshots

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