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1. Introduction

Math Flashcard Game is a captivating, single-player challenge designed to enhance your mathematical expertise. Ideal for students, educators, or arithmetic enthusiasts! In this game, players tackle various math problems within a set time frame, aiming for the maximum score.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores:



3. How to Play

  • Choose from three number ranges: 1-9, 10-99, or 100-999.
  • Choose the quantity of numbers: 2, 3, 4.
  • The math question appears at the screen’s center. The problems include addition or subtraction of multiple numbers. Input your answer and submit by clicking ‘Submit’.
  • Score increments are based on the range and quantity of numbers in each problem, indicating difficulty.
  • The highest score is updated whenever your current score surpasses it.
  • Each problem allows a single answer attempt without score penalty for incorrect answers.
  • Skip to the next problem if you’re unable to solve the current one promptly.
  • Restart the game at any time by clicking the ‘Restart’ button.

4. Time Constraint

  • The total game duration is 150 seconds, after which the game concludes.
  • At the end of the game, your final score along with the counts of correct and incorrect answers are displayed, followed by an automatic restart of the game after 3 seconds.

5. Screenshots

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