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1. Introduction

Welcome to Wall Smash Game, an exciting challenge that places you in control of a paddle, with the goal of bouncing a ball to destroy bricks and attain the highest score possible.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores:



3. How to Play

  • In this game, your goal is to clear sets of three identical letters within a limited 60-second period.
  • The game consists of a 6×6 grid filled with 36 randomly placed letters. In the upper-left corner of the game screen, you’ll see a timer counting down from 60 seconds. On the top-right, your current score is shown.
  • How to Play:
  • Click on a cell with a letter to choose it. Once selected, the cell will be highlighted.
  • Click on another cell with a letter to exchange their positions. The highlight will disappear from the first cell after the swap. You can also swap with an empty cell.
  • If you have three identical letters arranged horizontally or vertically as neighbors, they will vanish from the grid, and your score will go up by 3 points.
  • If you successfully remove all sets of three identical letters from the grid before the timer runs out, you win, and a victory message will appear in an overlay. Otherwise, you lose.

4. Tips for Success

  • Have a quick scan of the entire grid for potential matches. Pay extra attention to neighboring identical letters and eliminate them first.
  • Swap letters with empty cells can help you create new matches.

5. Screenshots

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