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1. Introduction

Triangle Match Game is a captivating, single-player challenge designed to test your observation skills under time pressure.

The game area is a 3×3 grid filled with nine random triangles. Only one triangle has an identical clone in the grid, with the same shape and orientation. The goal is to find them as quickly as possible. To make the orientation easier to see, there’s a black line under each triangle to show which way it’s pointing.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores:



3. How to Play

  • Start Game: Just click on the triangle extension icon in the top right corner of your browser and the game will start immediately in a popup.
  • Select a Triangle: Click on a triangle you think has a matching pair in the grid. The selected triangle will be highlighted in red.
  • Find its Match: Click on another triangle you believe is identical.
  • Scoring:
    • If the second triangle matches the first, both will stay highlighted, and your score will increase by 5 points.
    • If they do not match, the highlight is removed from the first triangle, and the second triangle is highlighted.
  • Automatic Reset: Upon a successful match, the game board automatically resets for a new round, allowing continuous play within the time limit.
  • Game Ends: When the 100-second timeout occurs, it will show a ‘game over’ message and a restart button in an overlay.

4. Tips for Success

  • Quickly scan the grid to identify the triangles with the same orientation, and then compare their shapes.
  • Balance speed with accuracy to maximize your score.

5. Screenshots

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