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1. Introduction

This chrome extension allows you to play fun variation of classic snake game in a popup anytime. Snake vs Block is an engaging game where players skillfully guide a growing snake to collect food while avoiding collisions with blocks and the snake’s own lengthening body.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores:



3. Key Features

  • Primary goal is to guide the snake to collect the red food item appearing randomly in game area.
  • Each food item collected increases your score and the length of the snake.
  • Be careful not to run into the blocks or the snake’s body. If the snake collides with them, it’s Game Over!

4. How to Play

  • Game Start: The snake starts moving automatically from a set position as soon as the game window opens.
  • Movement Controls: Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to control the snake’s movement.
  • Restart: If the game ends, the screen appears with a “Restart Game” button. Click on the button to restart the game and try to beat your high score!

5. Screenshots

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