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1. Introduction

Our Color Perception Challenge is a fun game created to improve your skill in detecting slight differences in colors.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores:



3. Game Interface

Click the extension icon to open a popup window presenting the game area. You’ll see two 6×6 grids, labeled Palette A and Palette B, each containing 36 color blocks. Palette B includes 6 blocks with colors different from those in Palette A, and your mission is to find these variations.

4. How to Play

  • Start Finding: Click on blocks in Palette B that seem to differ in color from their counterparts in Palette A. If you’re correct, the block will shrink in size to indicate it has been successfully found.
  • Keep Track of Checks: You have a limit of 12 checks (clicks) to find all differences. Each click reduces your available checks.
  • Watch the Timer: You have 60 seconds to complete the challenge.
  • Win vs Fail: Tag all 6 differing blocks within the time limit and without exceeding your check limit to win. Running out of checks or time without finding all differences results in a game over.
  • Game over: An overlay appears with a restart button. Pressing restart will create new Palette A and B for a fresh game.

5. Screenshots

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