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1. Introduction

A chrome extension that allows you to play a fun balloon defense game in a popup anytime.

2. Installation

You can download and install the extension from different browser web stores.



3. How to Play

  • Move the Pin: Slide your mouse side-to-side in the game zone to position the pin above the ground.
  • Speed Increases: The more you pop balloons, the quicker the next ones will descend, making the game harder.
  • Game Score: Each popped balloon adds to your score. Check your points in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • No Loss for Missed Balloons: If a balloon hits the ground, you won’t lose, but you’ll miss out on those points.

4. Useful Tips

  • Stay Alert: Balloons descend at different speeds. Always be on the lookout for the fast ones trying to sneak past!
  • Strategic Movement: Don’t move the pin aimlessly. Anticipate the balloon’s path and position your pin accordingly for efficient popping.
  • Continuous Play: The more you play, the better you’ll become at predicting balloon paths and improving your reaction time.

5. Screenshots

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